Button Actions Formula

Hi Everyone!

I am new to Coda and want to ask a few “how to” questions:

  1. I have a button and a slider and want to create an action were clicking the button increases the value in the slider by 1. Which formula should I use to achieve this?

  2. Is it possible to create a hierarchy diagram with Coda?

Thanks in advance for any helpful information!

Hi @Assaf_Yogev !

For your question 1 : It depends on where the button and the slider are :blush: .
If they both are in a table, it’s pretty easy :blush: . If the button is on the canvas and the slider in a table, it’s still doable (depending on your setup) but if both are on the canvas, I’m not sure it can be done without using a small one row Helper/Utility table. :blush: .

For your question 2 : I will redirect you to this topic which might help you :blush: .