Incremental values for slider?

I have a slider on a column with number values from 0 to 100 to two decimal points.
I am confused by the behavior of the slider.
Sometimes it lets me specify 2.5 or 3.5, but often it only lets me choose a whole number like 2 or 3.
For instance, if I type 2.5 into the box, it sees 25.
Is there a formula I can use that will allow me to enter incremental values?
Thank you!

Hi @Gregg_Stebben,

I have created the doc below to have a little play around.

From what I can see, if you set the increment to 0.01 it introduces a glitch where dragging the slider slowly left or right glitches and it jumps values .

I have included a Progress bar column also set to 0.01 and this has the same glitch.

I would questions why you need to have decimals? How do you plan to set the values? Is it set via Formula, button press, Automation?

As a possible workaround I have created a number column (2 decimal places) for the value to set and a button to set the slider which does work.

To demonstrate an alternative, I have also added two columns where the increment is 1 but the upper limit is 10,000. This offers the range you want but without the glitch and can be manually set. An additional column can divide by 100 to get you back to decimal if required.

I hope that I have understood correctly what you are trying to do. If not please let me know and any additional details you could provide on how the value should be set would be appreciated.

All the best


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Dear @Dale_Cowling ,

Thumbs up for your active presence in the community.

Please update the sharing setting of your sample?


Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

I have corrected the share setting.

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Hi, Dale…thank you for your detailed response!
The data comes from an external source and the source provides the data to two decimals.
Your button solution is probably perfect, I look forward to trying it.
Even though the values are from 0 to 100, the options we need are always greater than 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4.
Thank you!


The decimals are to be added with a point and not a comma which gives for example (1,300.35 ) etc.



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