Filter Bar only returning options for 0-100 for a number range, even when quantities are greater/lesser

The Filter Bar appears to only be returning the option to select quantities between 0-100, even when the quantities are (much) greater.

(these quantities go into the billions)

It doesn’t appear to be configurable in the filter bar menu.

(Or am I doing something very wrong?)

Is it possible that the data values in the table are currently between 0 and 100? I think the range of the slider is gated by the range of possible values in the table itself.

Unfortunately no; there’s loads of information in the column well outside the 0-100 range :confused:

Hi @Billy_Jackson ,

Do you have a doc you could share that has this issue? I’m not able to reproduce this problem when I try to set up a similar scenario.

In the meantime: as a workaround, you should still be able to type the desired values in the fields below the slider.


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Just PM’d you, thank you!

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