Max Row with Range

i created a table in my sample doc and in another view of my main table, i get max row. I added a new column to my sample doc that name is ‘range’. if i want to get max of column value when range column is over 1000, what should i do??

Here’s an updated doc:

Let me know if it makes sense or if you’d like some more explanation.

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Thank you so much @Nick_HE
I set the range controller to 1500 but no value is displayed in the Top 5 values ​​table (with range over 1000). What is the reason for this?

Aha - it’s an issue with the earlier formula; if there are less than 5 results, no results are shown (the same thing would happen with the original doc if you deleted a bunch of rows leaving only 4).

Fixed now. Basically the formula means: If there are at least 5 rows to start with, do the thing where we grab any rows that are better than the 5th row. Otherwise, just include all rows (in a filter, you can let everything through by just saying “true”)

Thank you so much @Nick_HE

I just realized that this thread has separated from the original thread - I hadn’t noticed that when I picked up working on this question (that was already asked in the previous thread).

I came up with a bit different solution than @Nick_HE , I worked it out without an intermediate table.

Use whatever you are most comfortable with - I added my solution to the original doc.


Thanks for the great solution @joost_mineur

If I want to get 5 lines with the Min value, what formula should I write?

Basically you would be looking for values that are less than the 5th lowest value

So instead of checking if thisRow > ... you would check if thisRow < ...

Then to find the 5th lowest value:
You’re currently using Sort(...something..., False), which means sort descending (with the largest first).
You’ll need to adjust your formula to instead be Sort(...something..., True) which means sort ascending (lowest first)

So change the > to < and the “False” to “True” and you should be on your way

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