Max (and second max) value across five columns

I need some help find a formula to extra the max value from a row across 5 columns.

Column A, B, C, D, E have values of 10, 8, 7, 6, 5 in row 1 respectively. What formula can return me the max value (and ideally name of column)? How would I get send-highest value?

Max seems to only work within one column.

Thanks, Marlin

hi @Marlin_Watling

You have to create a list of values and ask for the max

and an edit since I saw in the header a second question

you can replace the controller in the formula by a direct number like -2 or -3 if that feels easier.

cheers, Christiaan


Hi Marlin, you may also consider this solution, similar to Christian’s, but without the need for the control and also returning the name of the columns.


hi @Ryan_Martens2 ,

thanks for alternatives. The Nth() version is concise, I like that, easy to read for a human as well :wink:

I went for the bit longer version for this permits you to do a sum (which I see often asked for) or an average like below:

List(thisRow.[Column 2],thisRow.[Column 3],thisRow.[Column 4],thisRow.[Column 5],thisRow.[Column 6],thisRow.[Column 7],thisRow.[Column 8],thisRow.[Column 9]).Sort().Slice(Controller_Range).Average()

anyway good to see these alternatives!
cheers, Christiaan

Absolutely wonderful - love it!