Scale Column Type within Filter Bar

This is a minor thing where a bit of a UI improvement would go a long way:

  • I have a column type of Scale with five stars
  • I have a filter bar with that column, with Is Equal To set

In this configuration, there is no way to select zero stars without changing the filter to Blank/Not Blank, so as someone using the data that didn’t create it, I did not realize there were a bunch of rows tucked behind zero stars. I can select one only, two only, etc, and if I clear it I see everything, but no quick way to see only the blanks without reconfiguring the filter.

A designer could likely make quick work around enabling a user to select Is Equal To zero stars.

This is probably tricker than I think.

I might also argue that when using is up to and select, say, one star, that my zero star rows are included, but they are not currently. I can see how others would consider that “unreviewed” so maybe I can chalk this up to user error and should be solved another way, through a default value.

Hey @Dan ,

Just setting up the filter correctly should do the trick.

Greetings, Joost

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@joost_mineur thanks for the reply but that isn’t what I’m talking about. I can build out a specific filter with a formula, sure, but I’m talking about the filter bar, the feature.

Take a minute and try that in your demo – add a filter bar and set it to “up to”, select one star, and see how it filters out all zero star items. Or otherwise try to show items with zero stars using any patters that let you select the star count (anything other than blank/not blank).

Hopefully that illuminates how it is not discoverable for an end user to find the “unrated” rows without more complexity on the page.

Something like this would help:


You can click that clear button in your picture to show the ones with no stars!

The filter bar does not accomodate for what you want. What @Micah_Lucero suggests is is correct, but for a lot of users this might not be all that obvious. I don’t think Coda can (or should) solve this, if this is so critical for you, you build your own filter in a similar way I suggested.

But best practice is proabably setting the options for the column just right:

For the sake of keeping my doc showing all options, I did not set it like that, but if I were to use this in of of my own docs I would set this value for new rows to a minimum of 1 star.


Thanks, @joost_mineur the default/minimum is a great work around for my use case and others like it. Really appreciate you tagging along on the conversation.

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