How to setup a slider with a number range

Hey all!

Is there a way to setup a slider to show a start & end # or range? So I can show date ranges, quantity estimate goals, budget goals and so on… would really help when doing strategic planning on complex projects. Right now I use a min & max column for each, but it’s not as nice and clear to see as a slider where I could drag both sides in or something. Any other suggestions for making this better/easier for someone?


Hi Troy,

You can use the “/slider” or “/progress”

Hi Najm,

What I want is to easily (and visually) set a min value. Right now, for example, if I set it from 0-100, the slider will let me start at 0 and then drag to some value 0-100. However, I want to say easily set a min value, like say 10 by dragging (and not going into the control to manually set the min#).

I have a LOT of things in a project I am initially estimating the min/max ranges of. I apply a cost & time for each, so then when doing some initial budget estimates I can easily have a list of say 50-100 Features, which then have some min-max ranges and therefor min-max costs for each, so I can quickly guestimate an overall project and quickly change a wide assortment of things to find the right balance. For now I just have 2 columns for min and max with a number, or I put a slider for min and a slider for max, but it just takes twice as much space. Just trying to make it easier to set a minimum and maximum number in 1 place.

Hope that make sense.

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