Feature Request - hide number on slider

Sliders work nicely as a UI feature. BUT there are occasions when it would be very useful to be able to hide the value, or put the value in a different column (that could be hidden). The value may be needed in other places, but the slider position may be used to REPRESENT something that is not a number (for instance, a Likert scale: “Strongly Agree…Strongly Disagree”) and the presence of the number is confusing.


I agree @Andrew_Milne! You can do this right now with a scale as a work-around but it would be nice to be able to do it with a slider.


Another use case:

Sometimes I’d rather have better control over the displayed number.
I have this slider with increments of 15 minutes. But the total of minutes isn’t always very useful. For 90 minutes, I’d rather show something like 1h30, for example.

I’ve hacked this solution in the detail view. But it would be better if I could hide the slider number


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