Progress Bars & HSL Slider


Hi all! I just wanted to share a couple things that have been bringing me joy lately.

  1. Makeshift progress bars. I like to put rectangles next to each other whose lengths are inversely linked to some percentage. Does anyone else do this? I find myself doing it all the time. I don’t love the limitations of the gantt chart (or I haven’t figured out how to take advantage of it). Also, using rectangles allows me to add fun colors to my docs!

  1. My HSL Slider. When coming up with fun colors for my progress bars, I prefer not to leave Coda. I made this a while back and I always get a kick out of it.



Dear @Phil_Hamilton-Schmidt

Thanks sharing your creative project in this community, showing again the potential of Coda🤝

Hopefully we will see more of your input and you will find inspiration in this community.


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Phil! – This is AWESOME! - It makes me happy too! I’m a novel writer - so I can use this to graphically track progress in my book. Many 1,000’s of thanks.

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@Phil_Hamilton-Schmidt, this is Awesome!

Thank you for posting it!

I love the arrow showing where you are on the spectrum of colors. That’s such a creative way to get the location of the arrow work out. So many cool things in this document!


@Phil_Hamilton-Schmidt I do progress bars too! Btw love how you’re using a “transparent” progress bar to move an arrow in the HSL color picker!

Another tip about progress bars, which I have just posted:

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@Paul_Danyliuk Your use of concatenate with rectangles got me excited about the prospect of creating gradients, so I tested it out modifying the spectrum-visualizer-thingy in my doc. It lags, but aesthetically it’s :ok_hand:. Also, the tool better serves its purpose because the visual spectrum can also preview luminosity and saturation. Thanks for the insight!


This visual indicator is important to one of my workflows.

Sharing back + thanks to: