Launched: Progress bar column type and more features for project trackers

Coda’s tables provide the building blocks to create a collaborative, customizable, and organized space for project tracking. And with the launch of new improvements, we’ve powered up the ability to plan, communicate, and optimize your work:

  • The new progress bar column type and page control provide a clear visual indicator of project progress. Add a column in your tracking table to reflect the status of each task—rather than the project as a whole—to manage every piece of the puzzle.

Progress bar new.gif

  • To match the color of the bar with the progress made, you can use conditional formatting to set the column’s text color based on the progress number. Dynamic coloring for progress is currently loading, so you can expect a column setting for easy color gradients soon.

6-9-22 Progress bars.gif

  • On a page, these bars can formulaically reference a summary of your tasks, so you can see a comprehensive view of your project progress at a glance.

Progress canvas control.gif

  • Using bulleted lists within a cell is simpler than ever. Just hit enter to keep adding to your list—no keyboard shortcuts needed for your note taking, deep thinking, or communicating.

Bulleted lists.gif

  • Add table views to your page more quickly and easily from the table menu. These views are linked, so modifying your data in one place will ensure consistency and clarity across your doc. Customize your data visualization for all your needs at the click of a button.


  • A new duplicates formula allows you to quickly and easily identify erroneous, duplicate information in growing tables of information, like OKR trackers—supporting you as you manage your large teams and even larger batches of data.

Duplicates formula.gif

You focus on growth, progress, and communication— our building blocks make it simple to manage. We included some of our frequently used project trackers below if you want to quickly spin up a tracker today.


This is awesome! Love the color change. If you prefer to use Hillcharts for the visual you can do this in Coda too:


These are amazing! And I so have needed the duplicate formula and am going to use it right now instead of the long workaround I had before :). Thank you.

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Conditional formatting is not working for us to color the bar itself vs the background of the cell.


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use conditional formatting to change the color of the cell’s TEXT to change the bar color



I thought so as well, which prompted to find an insane workaround.

It actually will work if you set progress bar’s color to the default blue (the first option in the settings). Then text color of that conditional format rule will be used onto the progress bar. Both the default 8 and the advanced palette of colors will work.


An amazing set of updates…looking forward to trying the bulleted list keystrokes and conditional formatting on the progress bar.