How to format formula values on the Canvas

How to format a formula value added to the Canvas as currency eg. $0,000

  1. Type =
  2. Add 1000 as formula value
  3. Displays the value ok

How to format it as $1,000?

Hi @David.Greenwood,

Try with Format("$ {1}",1000)

Thanks @Federico_Stefanato

Is there a way to add the ,000 commas eg $1,000 or $100,000 ?

Hi @David.Greenwood,

sure: please have a look at this post by @Paul_Danyliuk:

Be aware that FormatNumber() is an experimental formula.

Thanks @Federico_Stefanato
I get FormatNumber() works but how to combine that with $ Template?
This does not work


just returns 1,000

Format("$ {1}",FormatNumber(1000, true)) :wink:

That’s it! Thanks :slight_smile:

If you need currency there, look into FormatCurrency() instead. The currency code would be "USD" then.

That’s another hidden formula fyi.


Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk

Be good to get these unhidden! Obviously that’s why I found nothing in help :frowning:

Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk
Didn’t remember FormatCurrency()

I have to review the list of hidden formulas :wink:

@All Warning:
Not suggested for production use unless you’re aware of it

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