Format numbers and currencies on the canvas

I am looking to format a number on the canvas : e.g 1000 to 1,000 or 1000 to $1,000.

It seems to work if the number is pulled from a table - it retains the format applied on the table.

Also, how current is the formula list in the help column? I couldn’t find the “FormatPercent” formula there. I found it by browsing the template gallery and found someone using it. Perhaps there is one for the number/currency formats I am looking for.

to format numbers in the document you can put .tonumber() at the end of the formula… that will put the commas in place where they belong.

as far as the sign goes, you can use concatenate() formula and do something like this concatenate("",sum(1000,1000).toNumber()) and it will give you a dollar amount. There isn’t really a way to format formulas besides doing it manually atm

hope this helps!

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Hi - use can use FormatNumber, FormatCurrency or FormatPercent to do what you are looking for…