Display() formula

Would like a formula called Display() that performs last second conversion of my data for display purposes.


  1. When I want to change what column is the display column when selecting from a lookup (e.g. [Other Table].Display([Different Display Column])
  2. When I want a select list to show one thing, while being accessible as an object. E.g.
    A select list called [MyDropdown] with selectable options defined as [People].Display([First Name])
    Using [MyDropdown] in the formula [Full Name]: Join(" ", MyList.[First Name], MyList.[Last Name]) ← Notice that this must mean that I am accessing the People row in order for me to be able to use both the First Name and Last Name column
  3. Perform some last second computation in a dropdown. E.g. a column [Next Meeting] with this formula [Events].Display([Start Time] - Now('minutes")) but which can still be used in a formula like [Duration] = [Next Meeting].End - [Next Meeting].Start

@Connor_McCormick1 finish this up