Display notifications on Android


If you setup an Automation to “Send Notification”, shouldn’t the Android Coda app push this as an Android notification?

For me this doesn’t work for some reason.
I can only see the notification if I open the Coda app (little number by my profile picture).
I don’t even see any icon badge on the Coda app icon.
I have checked the App Notification settings for Coda, but everything is enabled.

So I am just wondering if I am missing something or if this is a feature that doesn’t exist yet…?

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Hmm… It seems like it kinda works now. I first got some notifications a couple of hours late, but the last one arrived on time.

Not really sure what the problem is.
Has anyone else had a similar experience of late notifications on Android?


Maybe something with your device’s “battery optimizations” policies. Take a look at dontkillmyapp.com