Display Two Column's Value in Coda

I have a sample table values below.

Jurisdiction Doc Type Adopts Publication Year

Alabama Amendments IBC 2021
Alabama Amendments IBC 2019
Alaska Integrated IFC 2013

My formula below only returns 1 column value

Codes.Filter(Jurisdiction=''Alabama AND [Doc Type]=“Amendments”).[Adopts Publication]



I want it to output,

[IBC, 2021],
[IBC, 2019]

Hello @Alyssa_Gono

The formula you have renders what you ask it to (only the Adopt Publication info), if you want to get both information you should write something like this if it’s OK for you :

Please let me know if it’s OK or not ?



Thanks, such a great help.

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Happy to help :slight_smile:
See you in another post !

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