Query Two Tables in Coda

I have two tables in Coda. The first one is called ‘Adoptions Data’. It has columns ’ Jurisdiction’, ‘Cycle’ and more.

Example :

Jurisdiction | Cycle |
Alaska | blank |
Alabama | blank |

The second table is called ‘Code books’. It has columns ‘Jurisdiction’ and ‘Effective Dates’

Jurisdiction | Effective Dates |
Alaska | 09/12/23 |
Alaska | 09/5/21 |
Alabama | 10/12/22 |

I want to update/format the column ‘Cycle’ using a formula, to include a list of all effective dates with the same Jurisdiction from the table ‘Code Books’. I tried using the formula below, but it doesn’t return anything.

[Code books].Filter([Code books].Jurisdiction=thisRow.Jurisdiction).[Effective Date].List()

How should I write my formula ?

Hey @Alyssa_Gono , seems to be the right formula to me. Maybe you need to remove the “[Code books].” in the filter, as you already are in that table. Also the .list() part in the end might not help, as it already is a list. You can e.g. use .BulletedList() to make bulletpoints out of it.

Here is an example with

[Code books].filter(Jurisdication=thisRow.Jurisdication).[Effective Dates].BulletedList()

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