Doc Keeps Refreshing & Unusable (RESOLVED!)

I have a doc that keeps refreshing perpetually (loads, and then a couple of seconds later, the page loads again). We’ve tried clearing cache and cookies on our browsers, restarting computers, etc. This doc has not had this issue over weeks of development, until today. Making a copy, copies the issue as copies have the same thing happening.

Right now, the doc is totally unusable. Any help other experience you can share is welcome!

Hey David! Thanks so much for flagging this. Our engineers are on this and should be resolved shortly. I’ll keep you updated.

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Same issue here. And the fact there is no way to directly contact customer support in less than an estimated 24 hours is rediculous

Thanks to Charlotte and team, things are back on track! I wasn’t down even more than an hour - great work!

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Hi Ron, the issue should be resolved now once you refresh! We’re working on the support contact flows currently and this is great feedback. We do hop into outage contacts like this quickly, but know that the expectation is unclear when you reach out. Let me know if you have any additional feedback on this, or have any persisting issues with the doc load!

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