Doc that showcases Coda

Any recommendations on a doc that showcases Coda for new prospects? I’m trying to show how wonderful Coda is to my team, but where do I start?

I’m hoping to find a doc with some fantastic features, a few videos, and links to other excellent docs the community has made.

Any suggestions would be awesome!

HI Amir,

You can always request a demo from Coda:

There are a lot of docs in the gallery, what kind of docs do you want to show to your colleagues?

I personally have documents that are simply presenting information, allowing for searches on documents, to help with (SAP) software implementations, automate office processes. (The latter covers documenting meetings, sending minutes, recording and managing action items, and grouping them into small projects.

I have a massive Personal Information Management system. I know of stock management solutions, and integrations to hundreds of other apps: Gmail, Outlook, Calendar, Slack, Shopify etc, etc.

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Thanks @Piet_Strydom! I know there is a lot of great use cases and that’s the challenge :sweat_smile:

The request a demo will certainly be a second step, but for now I was hoping to just get their attention.
For example I love this Meet Coda Video
and I’m hoping to accompany it with a doc as well.

I’ll keep searching the gallery or just make my own.


Can you share more about who is on your team and what you do? Coda is so versatile, it would help to have some constraints to narrow down the universe of possible docs.

one of the more impressive docs i have seen recently is this one.

it shows how coda can show textual anf graphical illustrations on a topic AND allow the user to interact with the material to understand it better


This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing @Xyzor_Max :smiley:

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