Document Automation for Lawyers and Accountants

We’ve just released our latest Coda pack: Export to Word Pro! In addition to the placeholder tag replacement offered in our standard Export to Word pack, this Pro version enables conditionally hiding/showing and dynamically generating elements of your Word doc (sections, table rows, lists, etc).

Check out the demo video below to see it in action!

We built this pack after we were contacted by a a member of the coda community hoping for a simple document automation tool for his needs as a lawyer that wouldn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars per year like the existing options out there. Our pack costs $20/month per maker for unlimited document generation. You can try it out with a free two week trial to see if you like it! For more information on how to use the pack, checkout our Export to Word Pro Guide.


How about creating a similar version for Google Slides?

I am a lawyer, and we use Google Slides to prepare a more magazine-like proposal for our clients in much the same way you are describing for Word.

The tool we use does not have support for conditional variables, though.

Hello @Vinicius_Tersi,

Thank you for your comment. At the moment it is not in our plans to create this for Google Slides; though it is something we might be interested in doing if there is sufficient demand.