Double entry in the joural entry

pi work in construction company
my accoutant using double entry in the joural entry
which each actin affect two or more accouts one account is debit and one or more is credit
i usually do it manually by adding one row and select debit account
then duplicate the row and add debit account with the same amount of money
are there any automated method or action to do this
to select one or more account in debit accounts and to select one or two account in credit side
but the total amount must be the same in debit and creit side

such the same in video

this is link to my doc

Hi Mohamed,

Welcome to Coda! Hope you will find the product beneficial.

What you have in your screenshot is very standard for accounting packages, and if you make the adjustment I mention below, it is the most flexible way of recording bookkeeping entries. What you could do, is to add a button to AddRow(). The button will then copy the fields that needs to stay the same (Date, Details), and leave the others blank(E.g. Account). For the amount you can then either copy to the opposite column, OR as I suggest below, copy to the same column with a minus infront.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Rambling Pete

What I would suggest though is to combine the two amount columns, and put a minus in front of the credit amount. That will simplify things if you need to get a total or subtotal for an account

thank you for your help
can you add this button to my doc
because iam new to coda

Hi Mohamed,

Apologies for the delay. I have added a button to duplicate a row to your doc.


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