Draggable Calendar Cards

It would be great if you could drag calendar cards around a Calendar View (i.e. between days on the Month view) and have it automatically update the relevant Date column.

Use case: we use Coda to schedule social media content. The calendar view is obviously critical to this, but right now if we need to move a scheduled post you have to open the card, manually change the date, and then close it. That’s an acceptable workflow, but for quick scheduling sessions and team meetings it would be a lot easier to simply drag’n’drop

Relatedly, feedback from a number of my users is irritation that creating a new card from a Calendar view day doesn’t automatically fill the Date column with that day selected. Given that card views are modal pop-outs, they obscure the calendar underneath, so a lot of people end up creating blank rows when they click in, create a new card, forget which date, click out and lose the card.

Just a couple of suggestions :grinning: