Dropbox Pack: doesn't return true path?

So I’m trying to do something with the Dropbox pack, but I’m finding limitations in how the Dropbox Pack delivers information. While there are several different fields available for an Item, none of them would seem to allow you do get to the direct link (different from a preview link).

A preview link begins with a url like -www.dropbox.com/scl/[unique string]/filename, while a direct link begins with a url like -www.dropbox.com/s/[different unique string]/filename. The reason that the direct links are important for potential Coda functionality is that you can use them to create a direct download link (by replacing the -www.dropbox.com with -dl.dropboxusercontent.com). Unless there’s some other way to convert a preview link or the path into a download link that I’m not aware of.

For what it’s worth you can paste a direct link into Coda and it makes the correct association. It just doesn’t seem possible to go the other way at the moment and get the direct link from an item.
Any suggestions for a workaround to get a direct link or download link through the existing functionality? Or any chance that it could be added to the pack?

Hi Glen,

It’s not currently supported. But we could add it. There’s support to create temporary download links via their Dropbox API. We’re working on an update to the Dropbox pack to support team folders. Currently it does not support them in the root namespace as we only view the home namespace. We could look to add this temporary download too.



Awesome, thanks for the update! I’d love to see that feature added to the pack.

Hey Matthew :wave:t3:
Any update on when Google Team Drives or Dropbox Team Folders will be supported?