Getting a link to a dropbox folder

Hi all,
We are quite excited to implement the dropbox pack in our docs for project management.
I’ve been able to get a list of files for the current project easily enough.
And I can see preview links to files.
However, by far the most useful thing for us would be a link inside coda that simply took us to the project folder on dropbox.
We have been able to name the dropbox folder the same as our projects - so filtering is easy. However, I’m not sure if there are ways to get a URL that works for everyone. Some of us have private & work dropboxes, and it seems that the URLS are different in that case?

In the test table below, it shows all the files from the project’s dropbox folder. However, it only generates a link for FILES and not folders.

Any way around this? Cheers! Brendan.

I’m thinking about just using basic URLs - since we will always be logged into dropbox on our browers.
At the moment, we see something like this

Can I just assume the URL will be the same for everyone (ie, the "/work/ part of the URL?
In which case, I think I’ve got a fairly simple solution…

AND I’ve had success.
It was as I suspected. I have yet to broadly test it for other users, but I was able to do it simply in the dropbox table by creating a column with formula
Where Path is the path that the dropbox table generates from the folder I’m looking for :slight_smile:


Thanks for figuring this out @Brendan_Woithe. Just made use of it.


I’m trying to do this but I’m clearly missing something. Your example appears to return a link to the file rather then the folder the file is in. Did I misunderstand the intent of this?