Dummy Controls for Improved Formatting

Often I find myself needing a little stand-alone checkbox in my canvas column, or wanting to make sure users enter text according to a certain formatting. Controls are great for this because you can specify placeholder text to prompt the user what you’re looking for.

However, I often don’t need them to link up to anything formulaically. I simply want the control there for the formatting that it provides. Since its often in a row template that I need these things and controls are required to be uniquely named, that control would get duplicated hundreds of times and have a unique formula name of checkbox 1, checkbox 2, checkbox 79, etc…

I don’t know if this mass duplication of the controls would have meaningful impact on the performance of my doc or anything like that. But simply from a cleanliness standpoint I don’t want to pollute my document with hundreds of useless controls.

It would be great if we could get a category of “dummy” controls that are not meant to be variables in formulas but instead just formatting focused. It would not be tied in with anything regarding formulas and each control would not need to be uniquely named.

I would be happy with the current implementation of controls consisting of name, placeholder text, and icon. But displaying helper text on hover and being able to specify the displayed character length of the text controls would be high on my wishlist too.