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@chris_homburger, @evan informed me that you too are a D and D aficionado, and I wanted to make sure you’ve seen the Dungeon Master Encounter manager template:


Right now it’s pulling from a D and D Next database, but you could easily add in a different core dataset if you’re on 3rd or 4th edition. I’d love to get your ideas on how to make it even better!

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@maria I am kicking myself for not seeing this sooner! I’ve gone through basically every tool to help run encounters and sessions. Currently have just been copy/pasting stat blocks into a document along with notes. Definitely going to use this running my next session, and show it to my fellow DM in the office.

I’m thinking of a player view (permissions yet?), Combat section for displaying health, or hacking together a map of sorts. The worst part of this is that I probably can’t build it at work…

Also, this is going to be MUCH better for keeping track of my own characters’ abilities and spell slots so I don’t have to keep flipping around for the right tab. LIFE SAVER.

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Also from a previous thread from our first puzzle set – health Switch() ftw!



I’m so glad you’re pumped @chris_homburger! It’s always been a pain for our campaigns to manage everything so, of course, it’s the first template I built.

And, since you rolled a 15 on your Persuasion, I can tell you that we’re doing some internal testing of a feature that might help with your player view question - cross document connections. You could have the Player docs feed into your core encounter manager and connect with lookups, etc.

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@maria - resurrecting this since I built a combined initiative and health tracker for encounters, complete with a button to roll initiative! I’m working on a way to possibly pre-set encounters elsewhere and be able to flip through them on the same page.

Unfortunately I think I can only track the damage player’s take in each encounter, not across encounters. But hopefully we can trust our players…

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I love your “roll initiative for monsters” button! For your encounter flipping, I would recommend having each encounter in a section, and then using a Table of contents type approach.

For tracking player damage, I would have one table with players, damage, armor class, skills, and a dropdown for states (poisoned, etc.). Then, I would make a view of that table in each encounter page. That way it will always be there for you.

What’s the setup on your roll for initiative button by the way?



@maria the initiative button follows this filter: Monster.IsNotBlank() AND Initiative.IsBlank(). Since we’re in a combined table, we only want to roll for monsters, and we only want to roll for monsters which are new to the fight. Then we calculate =floor(Random()*100 % 20 + 1), which approximates a D20 from the first two digits of a random number. Random() returns 0 < n < 1, so we have to multiply by 100 in order to use mod math. We add one post-mod because a d20 is 1 ≤ n ≤ 20, and mod20 returns 0 ≤ n ≤ 19. Then we round down because you always round down in 5e. :man_shrugging:

Thinking more about the flip, I suppose I can use the fruit salad strategy (How to get all the unique values from a select list of select from table) to assign each instances of monsters to encounters, which has the benefit of keeping a record of NPCs that fight with players. Each view would filter is_player OR is_in_encounter, you know?

Why is it easier to design the template than it is to write my campaign?!



Wow!! This is so cool!
I’ll definitely check it out and play with it. Thanks for sharing @maria

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Have fun playing with it @Luis_Gabriel_Martins!



Just saw @Moriah’s use of random() featured over here and figured I’d post to say it works here and is much cleaner than my modulo math:

Any d20 roll =(random() * 20).roundUp(0)

Also, a friend and I are working on a character sheet, and we’ll share it when ready!



So cool! I’m excited to try all the stuff you guys have posted. Thanks all!

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Hi all,

I thought I would share the D&D doc I have been working on. It is not fully complete, but I thought you might be interested in some of the ideas.


(This is my first time sharing a doc, please let me know if the link hasn’t worked and I will try again!)

Cheers, Rohan :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you @chris_homburger for the random number formulas!



I love that template, @Rohan_M! I am definitely going to snag some of your builds to make mine better. :mage::woman_mage: