Duplicate a row from that row's button


I created a todo list which has two views : the list of remaining tasks and an archive of completed tasks.
In the archive view, the first column is a button “Restore” which currently uncheck the “Done” column (a checkbox). Nothing too fancy here.

What I want to do is change the “Restore” button to be a “Duplicate” button which would duplicate the row when clicking on it. From that button’s context, I cannot see the “ThisRow” variable when choosing the button action “Add row”.
I found this topic Duplicate a row ... From a button but it doesn’t allow to duplicate a given line in one click.

Would you guys have a solution for me ?

Hi @Antoine_Vandevenne,
Could you please share your sample here?

I just tried to replicate your use case and it does work for me (i.e. I see thisRow), but maybe I misunderstood something…

This is what I have done: it’s quite straightforward

There is no “CopyRow” function currently, you need to use “AddRow” and set the columns values to ThisRow.[ColumnName]
See also here: Add CopyRows() capability
And a hack here: Instantly make a button to copy a row with lots of columns

For some reason I missed the “thisRow” variable when looking for it… I’m pretty sure that I selected the action “add row” but I may have missed it somehow :slight_smile:

Thanks for the example table !

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