Duplicate Layout

I would LOVE to be able to duplicate a layout and then edit that layout. There are many times where I need to layouts in detail mode that are extremely similar, but with small differences.

For example - Here is a layout in what I would say is “View mode” for those who are about to clean the house and perform the tasks

Now I want to make another view as what I would call “Edit Mode” that would allow the person assigning the tasks to have most the same functionality, but with slight differences.

Currently, I have to create a brand new layout and then spend a lot of clicking to force it to be similar to the one Im attempting to replicate, then add the small changes.

I would love to just duplicate the current target layout, then make my small changes. Would save so much time!

But you can do it — edit the current layout and find this there:


Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy goooooodnessssss

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