Duplicate rows with certain columns as IsBlanc OR restrict duplication of rows

Hello everyone!

I have a complex table with several views. My team and I sometimes duplicate rows to make life easier, so we don’t have to fill out all the columns if several columns are the same for the new row. Yet, as I have different views, I don’t see all the content of the columns. Thus, it happens sometimes that I duplicate a row and forget to update relevant columns that differ from the original row. Is there a way to

A) restrict the option to even duplicate rows?
B) Set certain columns to blanc when they are duplicated?

Here an example:
I have a row where one column is dedicated to uploading files. If I duplicate the row, the file automatically gets duplicated too. However, I want this column to always be blanc if a row gets duplicated.

Any solutions or ideas on how to solve this? :wink:

Hi @Patricia_Hoffmann
You’d better have to use a Button to perform what you want, using Duplicate() functions.

With that, you can disable the button according to conditions. In this very basic example just an authorization checkbox

For the second point, duplicating will, by default, duplicate every column of the row. If you want specific column to be set to blank, just specify it inside the function.

In my example, I’ve got an image column column ColumnToBlankWhenDuplicated

Here you will see the behaviour of authorization, and also how every column are well duplicated except the one you set to Blank. Of course, instead of blank, you could change any value from any column for duplicated row




EDIT : find embed document below

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