Duration Variable should have "Months"

For large project planning, we’re usually interested in Months.
So I suggest you should be able to display durations in months.
“But Ian there is no standard unit of month” - I hear you say.
True, but if you simply divide 365 by 12, you get the average month length of 30.42 days.

How about using this for a month unit? It would be useful for project planning.
Who’s with me?

You mean duration as a floating point number? like 3.5 months? If you are interested in the integer part, you can use this formula:

Month(thisRow.due_date - thisRow.creation_date)

It tried to look up if the format function supports floating points number, something like:

format("{1:00}", Month(thisRow.due_date - thisRow.due_date))

it turns out the zeros part are a padding string. I thought, maybe the format function supports something like:

format("{1:2f}", Month(thisRow.due_date - thisRow.creation_date))

But, it doesn’t seem the case. So, I think that would be a useful thing to have.