More Duration Options (Especially Years/Months)

I’d love to see Duration with the option of years, with the option to have a full year or a year and a month.



I tried something like this, but didn’t work
RoundDown((Today()-thisRow.[start date])/365,0)+ " years, " (Today()-thisRow.[start date])/365 - RoundDown((Today()-thisRow.[start date])/365,0) +" months"

unfortunately so far there is not an enhanced duration of bigger time parts.

I provided a rough calculation that could be useful for many use-cases:

Please: keep in mind that it’s an approximation (e.g. not leap-years compliant).

Let me know if it helps.

I would find this feature useful as well. I would rather group it as following:

  • Days (already available)
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Quarters
  • Years

This would be awesome for long term project management and roadmap estimations.

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Hi @Federico_Stefanato

There is an inaccuracy in your document if you put exactly 1 year:

268 chrome

273 chrome

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I’d love to see this, as well as monthly & yearly automations.