Countdown to event

I know I can use the duration formula to obtain the number of days from one date to another, but I can’t seem to find an effective way to countdown from end date to start date in a way that display as x years, y months, z days to event.

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Hi @Lizeth_P_Gomez_Uscategui,

Can you try something like this -

Yes, but that only shows the count down in days. For long term planning and mid term planning, I don’t see an effective way to create a confirm that might give a value of say 12 years, or 2 years 3 months and 10 days. It’s not useful to have a value of 4380 days.

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Dear @Lizeth_P_Gomez_Uscategui,

This should solve your question:

Where the column with the days is called [[Total Days] :bulb:
Of course you can put there the name of your column.

:bulb:TIP: " Years ", " Months ", " Days " you can translate to the language of your choice if you create the document in a different language!

CONCATENATE(INT([Total Days]/365)," Years ", INT(MOD([[Total Days],365)/30), " Months ", MOD(MOD([[Total Days],365),30), " Days ")


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Thank you. Unfortunately, this doesn’t take into account months where there are 31 days

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