Dynamic "Status" Selection Based on "Status Option" Column for Each Task Row - Possible?

Can this :point_down: be done?

I have a table designed for task management, where each row represents a different task. There are hundreds of tasks (rows) in this table. My objective is to introduce a “Status” column that dynamically adjusts its selectable options based on a “Status Options” column.

The idea is for the “Status Option” column to contain delineated values (e.g., “Not Started, In Progress, Completed” for one task/row, and “Not Reviewed, Approved, Rejected” for another–each row has unique pre-defined status options), and these options would then become the only selectable statuses for that specific task in the “Status” column. Ideally, the “Status” column’s dropdown options should dynamically reflect what’s listed for thisRow() in the “Status Option” column.

Is this possible?

Any guidance, tips, or creative solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Monroe_Claycomb,

I have interpreted your question to mean that you might have multiple “types” of tasks. For example …

A task might be “Create coda doc”, for which the statuses “Not Started, In Progress, Completed” would apply.

Another task might be “Review member application”, for which the statuses “Not reviewed, Approved, Rejected” would apply.

It can be done the way you described -

But the first problem with this approach is that you would be duplicating the “status options” text many times, creating a load of unnecessary data in your table.

So personally I would do it with tables like so -

Hope that helps,


Thank you! Just what I needed.

Can this be done if more than one option is allowable in the “Type” Category? I have a similar setup with the same formula, and it stops working if I select two “Type” options.

I would like to be able to see all (and only) the options that apply based on the “Type” selections, but I can’t figure out the formula.

Hi @Clara_Reid,

The method I showed using the “Task Status” table does this. If it’s not working for you can you share your doc and I’ll have a look.

Rohan :slight_smile:

I figured it out. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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