How to apply the status column to other docs?

I have a status that has a conditional format involved and each option gives me a color. This is for a daily task, but I have to manually do a new status on every status column. What I want is to know how to select all the columns all at once and connect them to the status with the confitional format and applied them automatically. That way I don’t have to take so much time and manually do every day. If someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!

Hi @Dilan_Herrera
Let’s consider your table is as my example below :


You will set once your conditionnal formating in the column status like this

If you add a row every day with always the same starting status, I would suggest to use the functionnaly “value for new row” in the lookup options (my status is linked to a Status Table here)

Then, each time you create a task, the status will start being “To Start” in my example


Could that fit to your wish ?


Thank you for reaching out and helping! Um I meant I want every table to have the rules of the status that I set. Here is a link. The first day I have all the colors I want and I want to apply them to the rest of the days automatically. Do you know how I could do this, thank you

Trying to only pull the link give me a min

I made a copy it’s ok ! In which page are your different table with status ?

Here is an example. On monday i have the status with the assigned colors which is great, But I dont want to manually assign every other day the colors I want to do it manually.

for the other days if i look up the status of status and put excused, decline, or done it does not come up with the colors which is what i want


In my point of view, that’s a bad idea to create several table while you can use only one and filter it with different view

See : Create a master table, with all the rows you want, but add a “day” column with all your days

Then Create different view and filter them with the good day, and you can of course make as much view as you want

What do you think ?


EDIT : Each beginning of week, you can also create 7 days with all your tasks for each days, using a button or even an automation !

Ahhh I get it! Yeah I see that I will begin using this one for sure now. Thank you so much for the help :smiley:

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Be my guest ! An important rule using coda, when you want to type “/” to create a new table, think a few second if you cannot add a column in an existing table instead, and use view/filters :wink:

Have fun

Got it! I will thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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