Status Property Built-In with Color Options

I would really appreciate a built-in “status” property with the option to add multiple statuses under one stage of the status like such:

I see there are ways to create a status field in Coda and please correct me if I am wrong in how the system works as I’m new - but it seems really odd (perhaps only to me, but still…odd) that you would have to create a bunch of separate tables that house information on the status “stages” to pull from in order to get a status field to display in a pill shape with color - I’d like to be able to have a status property that shows up like that automatically - and with multiple options to choose from under the primary status of “to do”, “in progress”, and “complete” and to which I can set the colors I need.

Hello Andie !

In fact, you can create your own status property quite easily, with total freedom in what you create. You can create as many status as you want !

In my example below, you can host the status table in a different page, even in a hidden one !

In this example :

  • you create a lookup status column, refering to the status table
  • in the status table you can make conditionnal formating according to the status
  • Then, you can make everything you want like filtering with your task table.

Please feel free to reach out in DM if you want deeper help to configure your doc !

Hope this will help !


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Thank you, I saw this was possible this way I am just wondering why everything like that needs to be in a separate table and can’t just be (for ease of reference because I don’t have any other example) like in Notion where we create the (probably some kind of hidden database) right in the column of the table we are working.

I am new to this system so perhaps it is just the logic of it but I find needing so many tables and “extra pages” to hos information, will end up getting very confusing and cluttering.

You can in fact do it, you must use “select list” rather than look up. And then, if you want to conditionnal format it, you can also, doing it directly in the Example of task

Does that answer your issue ?


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Sorry - total newbie here, please pardon my newness haha - does your second example (using “select list”) mean I have to add a formula in order to make the selectable options look like “coloured pills” ?

I hope the kind folks at Coda also see how this is possibly more work that it has to be for some of us haha :slight_smile:

Select list is a type of column. You can add a column and with right click choose « select list », then with select list option you can manually add the status you want.

Then you can use conditional formatting in the table option to create multiple condition to colour your column, according to the value of your status!

Thanks I’m giving this a go!

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