Dynamically Populating Rows In Relation Column

I’d like the content of a relation column to automatically update based on the content of the parent column.

The hope is that the output will update itself without my needing to press a button or interact with the document to make it update.

Hello @thefifth_reddit ,

Actually, it sounds like you want a view of the PetTypes table - which obviously will always be up to date.
If that is not what you want you can use an automation to add a new row to the sample output upon adding a new row to Pet Types - and you can do the same for changes to the main table. For deletes it is a bit more complicated, but there are work arounds. Easiest is to delete with a button and have the button delete the same row in the output table. Or have an automation rebuild the output table.

But quite frankly, a view of your Pet Type table would be the easiest way to accomplish all of the above - because it will always be 100% up to date.

You add a view of an existing table by typing a “/” (on the canvas) followed by the name of your main table - and Coda will offer to put this view right there. Add columns as needed to your table (either one - the tables are identical ‘behind the screen’.

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Thank you Joost, that’s very helpful.

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