Edit External Data feilds

Hi Guys
I’m playing with the Todoist Pack, but have come accross an issue (which isn’t unique to the the Todoist Pack).
The Pack retrieved a list of all my tasks - but i am unable to edit the infomation because the data is from an external data source - as a result i’m not able to edit the Task Name field on a task (in order to use the Packs functionality to update a task with a new name).
Is there a function that can convert an External Data feild value into an editable value? (I’ve tried Totext() without any luck)

Hi @Martyn_Thomas !

Data from Packs is not editable, you need to use actions in order to update the values. In your case the Todoist Pack has an action UpdateTask that you can use to update the name of the task. You can learn more here.

In order to use the action i will need to manually retype the Task Name, which is a pain.

If there’s a formula that can be used to copy the un editable feild’s value into a new column in an editable format (which the action is pointing to) this will allow me to update Tasks without needing to manually retype infomation.

Hope that makes sense.

You can use a simple trick to get the current values. Create a new column, then go to options and in value for new rows select the column with the current data and then Apply to blank rows :raised_hands:

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