Edit lookup fields from another table


I am reusing fields from different tables. The same why you do in programmering with super classes.
I cant figure out how you can be able to edit and change info of a lookup field in one table that belonging to another table. When i try to edit i get “Values in this column are calculated by a formula and can’t be manually changed” .

Are you able to be able to import fields from other tables and add or edit texts in those?

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when you use a lookup it makes the column into a formula column. the formula does the lookup and returns the link to the other table.

formula columns cannot be edited. so you need to edit the other table in order to change the values in it.

you may need to provide a convenient way to allow users to do this.

one way is to add a buttom column that executes…


which, when clicked, will open an edit dialog for the row that your lookup column is linked to.

another way is to have a regular Text column that is editable (ie not a formula) and then use that text to do the lookup in another column. that way, the user can edit the text, and the lookup column will try to find the matching row in your lookup table.



Okey thanks alot , looks like there isent a good way to do this. Hope coda sees this :slight_smile:

If you have to have one to many relationships between tables that inheritance fields from the tables above this must be necessary . i guess I am, not the only one that wants to do this :slight_smile:

Could you try connecting your objects/tables together?

Then in table 2, you can have field table1.field1 and table2.field2 via coda’s native lookup features

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