ElasticSearch/Kibana Dashboard Embed

I was happy to learn that ElasticSearch/Kibana dashboards are relatively easy to embed in Coda docs.

The settings I used:

  • Make sure you set the Kibana user (such as Demo) to include kibana_dashboard_user_only and be sure to add the index(es) used in the dashboard (see snapshot below).
  • Grab a Share link from the Kibana dashboard and be sure to use the Embed iFrame option with the shortened URL.
  • Copy only the URL from the iFrame code.
  • Create an embed formula and set Force to true. Embed("<kibana-embed-url>", 1024, 940, true)

Works pretty good.

[UPDATE] - It doesn’t play well in mobile Safari - won’t authenticate as a Coda doc embed.



It does not work with Google Data Studio tho.

I believe it’s because Data Studio is already rendered as a framed page. If you get the embed link and share it to anyone with link, it may work.

Right but DS does not have embed link.

But it does provide a share to anyone with the link, right?

And when you used that type of link in the Coda embed component, did you also share the data sources in the same manner? Sharing a Data Studio report does not automatically share the data sources used in the report.

it does provide a share to anyone with the link, right?

Yes, GDA provides such link and it’s the one I’ve used in Coda.


And that Share link failed as an embed, right? And all of the data sources used in the dashboard were also publically shared as well, right?

Yes and yes.

Cool, share with me in a DM the URL for the DS dashboard.


Here’s how I did it - Embed Formula:

Embed("https://datastudio.google.com/open/1uhaCwtrQTrBKgPt1aTKbZ4VRXv9laSqk", 1370, 770, false)

Oh yeah, that’s awesome thank you!