Emailing a Checklist with Unchecked Items?

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I am new to Coda but I have been playing around with the idea of sending a Checklist to an email address once a day. I have created a Checklist and ran a test, and the process works fine (which is great).

I have one issue and one question. My issue is that with several test items on the Checklist, when one is ticked off the checklist it is still emailed through indicating it is still “needed”. Please see screenshots.

So can one either ensure the Checked items are reflected in the email or can they be left off the list? I am not sure if there is a formula that will resolve that issue?

Additionally, as a bonus, would it also be possible to NOT send the daily email IF the condition is met that of ALL items are checked off within the Checklist/s???

Here is the second screenshot. I am limited to one per post at the moment.

ah, i see the issue, @Brad_Hawkins.

the original text with the check-boxes is in a special ‘rich-text’ format.

but when you use the text in a formula, you get the simplified ‘plain-text’ version that has no formatting.

and it looks like the gmail pack is only seeing this unformatted plain-text version of the text.

so we need to find a way for you to send the fully formated ‘rich-text’ version instead.

i suspect we can use a html version of the text to preserve the formatting, but ive not yet solved this myself.

perhaps this link will get you started on finding a solution?

let us know if it helps.


What about putting the checklist in a table? And filter on the checkbutton to mail.

I am getting to the stage where I put EVERYTHING into tables… :wink:


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@Xyzor_Max and @Piet_Strydom Thanks for the replies and suggestions gentlemen. I appreciate the feedback.

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