Embed Coda into Private Webpage?

I am looking for feedback to see if Coda is the right tool.

I have a large amount of proprietary records being kept and I need to find a tool that can do the following.

A) allow for a small and technically proficient team to maintain/edit the records. It has many relations among the records and so a relational system like coda or similar is desirable.

B) allow for records to be easily discoverable by the rest of my company. No other teams are coda users and funneling them into coda just for this resource is a suboptimal workflow. The records in this case also need to be searchable and displayed simply as lists/tables with minimal interactivity required.

A coda iframe embed into a sharepoint site or private web portal seems sort of possible, however the embed feature requires a publicly published doc.

Does anybody have any thoughts here? Could I port data from the API into a custom interface in a webpage? Or would I run into the same permissioning issue without a publicly shared doc.

Hey @Nick_Short,

Thanks for the question here on the community. This sounds like a good idea, we would be happy to add your vote for this on our current Feature Request List if you would like, as it is not currently supported outside publishing links on the web. Let us know and we’ll get this vote logged for you.

There are some other great resources here on our Resource Hub that may help with some alternatives for the use case. Feel free to take a look here :smile:

All my best,

Please do add an enthusiastic thumbs up vote for us. :+1: :+1:

Coda already supports embeds in Microsoft Teams, it seems like an easy win to extend that support to Microsoft SharePoint and a natural complement to the existing Microsoft Teams support.

Every Team on Microsoft Teams has a SharePoint site, so this would be a particularly useful addition for Coda customers who are already using Coda in Microsoft Teams.

Here’s what I get now in the browser console if I embed Coda into a SharePoint page:

Refused to frame 'https://coda.io/' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors *.coda.io *.intercom-sheets.com teams.microsoft.com *.sanity. Studio".

We can see the Microsoft teams domain is already supported as a frame-ancestor.

Adding support for SharePoint might be as simple as adding the SharePoint domain to the list of allowed frame ancestors, i.e.:

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Hey @Nick_Short ,
if you can build the view yourself, you can also use the API for that. You just need to generate an API key that has access to that doc, the doc does not have to be shared publicly.
You can then show the data in a simple data table and use JS for a search & filters functionality.

I made a simple API wrapper in PHP including a cache functionality if that helps in any way. GitHub - danielstieber/CodaPHP: PHP library to use data from Coda documents in webprojects (via Coda API)

Example of usage:
Here is the Doc and here the Website.

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