Embedded tables in a view doesn't allow multiple filter options nor inherit master table's conditional format

Merry Christmas to everyone.

I am implementing a project management system in Coda. Each project has its corresponding tasks, which belong to the master tasks table. I defined a project view with all the corresponding tasks showing in a table.

I ran into 2 difficulties:

  1. Cannot figure out how to add more than 1 filter (e.g., project, status).
  2. The task table doesn’t inherit the master table’s conditional formatting. For example, the master table and all other views on a page (or subpage) shows strikethrough for all columns when a task is done. But the embedded table doesn’t.
  1. Soon as I click either checked or unchecked, it goes back to a blank page

  2. embedded table doesn’t inherit the conditional formatting

Just a quick question - Why do you use two tables, and not just one?

@Piet_Strydom thanks for getting back to me. I wasn’t clear in my question. I was indeed using one table. The 2nd table was just a ‘view’ of the master table.

Ok, So when you say “embedded table” you mean a new view of the existing table?

IN that case the formatting behavior is as expected. Each view should have its own formatting, so that you can have views that are different. Otherwise a separate view would not make sense.

Filters - If you hover your mouse at the top right of the table, you will see a menu pop up. You can use either the Filter, or the Options-> Filter choices to add multiple filters to the table or any of its views.

Once you have added the checktable to the filter, you need to choose one of the options. From your screenshots it looks as if neither are selected.

@Piet_Strydom thanks again!

You are right about conditional formatting! I found there’s an option that allowed formatting inheritance in an expanded table entry view. I believe by default this option is ON if a ‘view’ is created on a page or a subpage, but default to ‘OFF’ when a ‘view’ is embedded as part of a table entry.

Regarding the filter options, the difficulty I ran into was no matter which option I choose for the 2nd filter, Coda jumped back to a blank filter screen. Cannot figure out a way to add multiple filters to the embedded table (‘view’ of the master table).