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Good Morning all!

I’d love your help on finding a way to embed a secure PowerBI report into a Coda page.

While PowerBI has a method of embedding, it requires the user to have logged into PowerBI. As the Coda page doesn’t recognize my PowerBI auth, when embedding a secure report into Coda, I get the “This link can’t be embedded” error.

Has anyone else had any luck with getting a report from PBI embedded?


Found the embed formula… and that works!

From this page: Embedding content in your doc | Coda Help Center

Using the force parameter

Many URLs will work out-of-the-box with the Embed formula, but some may not display as desired by default. For instance, content that needs you to log into an account to view or that does not support the oEmbed format (such as a private dashboard) may result in an error or show only basic information.

You can try a different way of embedding by using the force parameter in the formula. With this parameter enabled, the content will be embedded directly in an iframe in your browser: For Example: =Embed("https://coda.io", force: true)


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