Is their PowerBI pack?

I want to create a page/doc to include analytics from various sources for management view.
Deals from Hubspot and Analytics from PowerBI. I can’t find anything for PowerBI. Is that possible?

Hi @Suzanne_Parent and welcome to the community!

I have not found a pack for PowerBI but i am not familar with that software…

Please check if that post fits for you: Embedding Power BI Reports -

If not, there are a lot of third party services you can use to sync data… Please take a look at this possible solution:


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Everything is pretty much possible in Coda Packs. But I think it’s a sizable undertaking, and one that is best done by someone who really knows PowerBI inside and out.

Page embedding is one avenue, and if the visuals are simple and straightforward, packs that fetch data and render in Coda’s native charting features are often more enticing to C-Suite executives for a variety of reasons.

But I get it - your PowerBI dashboards are done and ready - it’s a matter of reuse.

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Hello Bill,

Thank you for your reply. I agree, PowerBI is very complex. My goal is to just display the charts in a Coda Page. So perhaps looking for a pack that can fetch the data might work. Or maybe I can see if PowerBI can create static charts in a PDF, store those and display the Coda page.

Giving me ideas. thanks

Hello Jannis, thanks for your reply. MS PowerBI is world unto itself. Will check the link you provided.

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You might be able to do this without code. This article explains how to use Microsoft PowerAutomate to send data alerts about data changes that occur in PowerBI. These same alerts could just as (hypothetically) easily be webhook calls to a Coda document. I’ve used PowerAutomate and it’s not too difficult to configure automations that include data payloads being sent to other systems.

Coda webhooks can be configured in a no/low-code experience as well thus making it possible for a Coda table to receive all of the data that changes in a PowerBI datastore.

Once you have the data flowing into Coda, crafting various visuals becomes pretty straightforward.


that is creative and clever. I can do more digging on that approach. Not familiar with the automate portion of MS. (yet…) thanks for this

It’s quite powerful and while it is a little edgy technically, there are lots of people at Microsoft to help. Same for Coda.

I’ve built a few PowerAutomate systems and they are quite reliable.