Enable a single button to add rows to multiple tables

In this Sales CRM template there is a “Add Company” button for adding rows to the Companies table. There are columns in this table for Contact, Deals and Activities that are pulled into the “Add Company” button form for adding fields in a row format. In the display view of the button form it is clear that these row have a table toggle. This enables a single button to add rows to multiple tables it seems.

I have not been able to replicate this. What am I missing?

Dear @Paul_du_Plessis, welcome to the community :handshake:

Just to clarify some points:

  1. The buttons "add a company"and “add a contact” actually add them to the main base “All Contacts”/ “All companies” ( in the section “lists & admin”)
  2. In the “all companies” table there is a column (lookup) to the “All Contacts” table from where one or more contacts can be assigned to each company. As logical you can contact with more persons in one company like, for invoices you speak to someone from the accounts department and for development you speak to someone from the R&D department.

The lookup is not made with a button but In the “all companies” table there is a column (lookup) to the “All Contacts” table

The “Companies” and “Contacts” tables are just views ( in detail lay-out) from the respective “All companies” / "All Contacts"table.

Thanks for the response Jean Pierre!

I’ve been going over it a couple more times and trying to see if I am misunderstanding you and or the template somehow. I think I’m clear on the construction of the “All companies” table and the lookup to “All contacts” from there and I have duplicated this setup.

However, this does not translate into my “add company” button’s form giving me an option to complete the contact field as a row in the form (as if it is adding a row to the “All contacts” table)

If you view the “Add Company” button’s form inside the example template I posted you’ll see the functionality to which I’m referring.


Dear @Paul_du_Plessis,

I think that I now understand what you mean.

When you click the “add company” button, you get this interface, where company is hidden (yellow)

I suggest you un-hide the “Company column”, so you will be able to add the company from within this interface.

Just have in mind that you will see only the contacts that are related to the chosen company!