Enter does not generate new bullet item in cells

Pressing Shift+Enter creates a line break in a cell. However, when editing a bulleted or numbered list, Shift+Enter does not create a new item. It’s pretty frustrating and tricky to work around.

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I’ve discovered that it is sometimes possible to work around this problem by expanding the cell to full screen. It only seems possible when using detail display though.

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hi @Bjorn_Hansell ,

did you consider using this trick with Char(10)

Concatenate(thisRow.Firstname," ",thisRow.Lastname,
Character(10),Concatenate(thisRow.PC, " ",thisRow.City),
Character(10),thisRow.[Mobile number],

It forces a line break in a cell

Cheers, Christiaan

You need to use Control + Enter to create more list (bulleted, numbered to do) items @Bjorn_Hansell.


ctrl+enter works. Thanks @Johg_Ananda!

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