Equipment rental management - availability conditional stuff possible?

Hi all,

I am doing some scoping for a client. They rent equipment out. Can Coda deliver an intuitive Staff member booking experience.

  • On selecting an asset type and date range, specific assets that are available may be selected
  • Click one of the available assets to create a new booking
  • Print a rental agreement with details of the booking

Has anyone implemented similar? I’ve built a larger scale solution with FileMaker a few years ago, but I’d like to build something more low code, less complex.

Hey @Hamish_Maclean1, welcome to the Community!

I haven’t done specifically that but it’s definitely possible. There might even be a similar template in the Gallery already, but it’s also very fun to build one’s perfect workflow from scratch. I can already see how your doc can be built — ping me if you need any help with that.

As far as the schema goes, you’ll have:

  • Inventory items
  • Rental facts (one row links an item to a start/end date and any other metadata for the rental, e.g. client and cost)
  • Clients, categories, rental statuses etc.

Then, having desired start and end dates you can filter inventory items that don’t have overlapping rental facts:

Item.[Rental Facts].Filter(
  CurrentValue.EndDate >= DesiredStartDate
  AND CurrentValue.StartDate <= DesiredEndDate

Logic explanation:


Hi Hamish,

Welcome to Coda! I hope that you find the product useful.

You absolutely can do this, in fact there is an example doc in the Coda gallery, Conversation Cafe, that will get you very close, I think. If you replace Coaches with Assets, and Students with lessees, you are at least halfway there. What you will need to add is the rental agreement, which you can then either email directly from the doc to the lessee, or i you really need the paper, send it to PDF and print from there.

I hope this helps.
Rambling Pete


Thanks Paul! I really appreciate the positive response! It looks encouraging enough to do some testing!

Cheers Piet, so I should be able to create a rental agreement per hire for records yeah?


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