Error creating packs with CLI

Hello, I am starting to create packs for coda, I wanted to start doing them from the CLI, so I followed the steps in the guide but when I run it to test it as it says, I get this:

node: symbol lookup error: “Directory”/node_modules/isolated-vm/out/isolated_vm.node: undefined symbol: _ZN2v814ScriptCompiler24CompileFunctionInContextENS_5LocalINS_7ContextEEEPNS0_6SourceEmPNS1_INS_6StringEEEmPNS1_INS_6ObjectEEENS0_14CompileOptionsENS0_13NoCacheReasonEPNS1_INS_14ScriptOrModuleEEE

Node version:20.11.1
NPM version:10.5.2

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Hi @Luis_Santiago_Gomez - Welcome to the Coda community! Unfortunately I’m not familiar with that error. The isolated-vm package can be a bit hard to work with, and it isn’t strictly required. You can bypass it by adding the --vm=false to your command line arguments. That will run the code directly in Node.js instead, which isn’t a perfect proxy for the Packs runtime but is close enough.