Error with GMail pack


Have you ever had the following error message with the Gmail package?

I tried to log in again and I still get the same message.
An idea ?

Any idea for a workaround?

:wave: Hey there!

The gmail pack errors a decent amount and usually I find those errors to be due to inputs in your “to” field.

Although, in this case it looks like you are running your gmail action from an automation. For automations to successfully send messages on your behalf, the automation has to be set to “take actions as myself” as opposed to “take actions as automation bot”

Can you scroll to the bottom of your automation and check who the actor is for that automation?

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I feel like the option is good.

I’ll watch the track on the “A” setting.

Thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir
The problem was the email addresses of the recipients.

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