Gmail error The Gmail server returned an error while taking an action

I am trying to create an email automation but keep on getting the error message “Gmail error The Gmail server returned an error while taking an action”. Below is an image of the formula that runs to create a draft email. Does anybody know what the problem may be or how I can fix it?


Hi Sandra,

Have you double checked that your connection to Gmail in the pack is working properly?


Hey P,

I have signed in again to make sure is is properly connected but still getting the same problem.


I am also having this problem.

I see someone had this problem in June of 2023 and the problem was marked as resolved after three months of no response.

Is there a way we can see what there error was that was returned? It’s much easier to troubleshoot an error if we know the error, not just that one exists.

FWIW, I was able to send an email from/through Coda about 25 minutes prior to trying again after refining a couple of things on the email itself. And now I’m unable to send it.

Okay so I solved my own problem. I was pulling in the wrong column of data into the To field, so there wasn’t an email address.

I couldn’t, “see,” this as first though because I’m tired and many columns have close to the same label (Primary Contact, Primary Contact Email - you look at it enough and it’s all the same blurry thing). An actual error (no recipient or invalid recipient) would have been incredibly helpful. Is there a way we can request that improvement on the Pack?

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