Coda/Gmail Automation Error Notification

I’m getting an error whenever I run my automation trigger to send an email via Gmail (error 400). Has anyone encountered this error and know how to resolve this?

400 - Failed to fetch from

I’ve connected my account via packs already - not sure why I’m getting this error!

Hey there!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the automation where you can choose whether it is run by a person or the automation bot, make sure it is being run by yourself and not automation bot.

Should look something like this:

Not totally sure - but that could be the culprit. If not, you could always try re-signing into your account?

Hey Scott,

Tried both automation and my account for the actions - neither worked. Also tried to sign in again and still nothing :frowning: getting the same failure.

Any other ideas?

Can you send screenshot of the automation or share the doc? Is the automation pressing a button or just sending an email itself?

The error message is reading: “Request is missing required authentication credential.” So that gives us some info.

This could be related to an issue that occurred over the weekend, see Gmail (and other Google services) sign-in error? - #3 by Mithaq_Abd_Mutalib. You may need to “Sign in again” with the account connection in the pack settings.

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Here is a screenshot - its a button based on a value of the “status” column having the value “Approved” - looks like everything works up until the point where the trigger is to send an email.

Got it - As long as the automation is set to run as you, you should be good on that end. Now go into the “Button Options” setting and ensure that the Account is set up as your own and NOT “Users Private” - That usually does the trick for me.


I had it set at my personal account from the beginning :frowning: not sure what to do at this point

And you tried what @Patrick_Barry said above?

Yes - unfortunately i’ve tried everything but I’m still getting the same error

Hello Charles, did you manage to resolve this problem, one of my actions is doing the same and i just noticed right now, but it’s ben doing it for a few weeks

I’m having the same issue. I’ll update you all if I’m able to figure it out in my table. Thanks!

Here’s a link to a similar issue: Gmail::SendEmail error - Failed to fetch data from external service - #11 by BenLee

I figured out my issue! I am using a filter to find the email address associated with a name located in another table. I forgot to link the names in both tables to a lookup table list with only names. I hope this helps others! I can give more clarifying details if this doesn’t really make sense. :slight_smile:

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HI @Reiley_Ney ! I am encountering the same issue that you had, and I don’t follow your solution. Do you mind explaining in more detail? I’m very much a novice on Coda (just started getting into it this weekend and teaching myself), so the simpler the better!

same issue, please help

Hello @Patrick_Barry . I am experiencing the same issue. Every time I clicked the button, the error "
400 - Failed to fetch from" returns.

I tried to sign in to the pack again but it didn’t solve the problem. Please advise.

Thank you!

It could be due to the information you inputted into the parameters.

Can you screenshot how you set up the action?

Thank you!

Here is the set up:

Gmail Send email

User’s Private Gmail Account (I already tried to sign in again)

my own email

Concatenate("Notes from Meeting on ",Meetings.Date)


Hi @David_Siu, sorry but I don’t have a theory for why that would be happening. The best way to figure out the issue would be to share your doc with Coda support to enable us to look under the hood at it.

I was gonna say the same - your “to” field looks solid.

FWIW, I had the same issue and it seems that is the generic error for bad email. Without thinking i set the recipient to User() rather than User().Email which is a bit silly but that’s what caused the 400 error for me. Making sure the resolved value of that field is an actual email address is pretty critical. Thanks to everyone who was monkeying around with this and got me on the right track ツ